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Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier-Acoustic Guitar Amplifier-Yamaha-Engadine Music


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The Yamaha THR5A Acoustic Guitar Amplifier is designed specifically for use with an electric-acoustic or Yamaha Silent Guitar. Using Yamaha’s VCM modelling technologies, the THR5A offers classic tube condenser and dynamic mic simulations, as well as studio-quality effects, to create stunning acoustic guitar tones wherever you are.

The THR5A features four acoustic mic models (condenser, dynamic, tube, nylon) and one clean amp model for electric guitar. The effects include compressor, compressor/chorus, chorus, flanger, phaser, tremolo, delay, delay/reverb, hall reverb, spring reverb and noise gate. Please note that some of these effects can only be accessed via the THR Editing software.

Inputs include a standard jack input for guitar, AUX In (Stereo Mini Jack), USB Connectivity, and a headphones socket. 

Selector/knobs include mic type, blend/gain, master, tone, effect, delay/reverb, volume and tap/tuner.

The amp can be powered by AA batteries for approximately 6-7 hours (depending on type of battery) or via the supplied AC Adaptor. 

The THR5A is rated at 10 watts (5W + 5W) and has two full-range 8cm speakers.

Included is Cubase AI on DVD, allowing the THR5A to fully integrate as a USB audio interface with your computer.


A New Way to Experience your Electric-Acoustic Guitar. THR5A is optimized for use with electric-acoustic and Silent Guitars. Utilising advanced modeling technologies developed by Yamaha, THR5A offers simulations of classic tube condenser and dynamic mics combined with studio-grade effects to create recording-studio tone direct from your guitar and wherever you are.

  • Mic & Amp Simulations : CONDENSER, DYNAMIC, TUBE, NYLON, EG CLN
  • EQ : TONE
  • Speakers : 8cm Full Range x 2
  • Rated Output : 10W (5W + 5W)

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