What is BandTime?

BandTime Covid Safe Plan

    ‘Keeping Students & Tutors safe in lessons & rehearsals’

      • Familiarise yourself with Covid guidelines for the school/s you attend.
      • Sign in and out everytime you attend a school.
      • The Government Covid 19 guideline for sanitisation, cleanliness and personal distance,  are to be followed.
      • Tutors / conductors to only attend lessons if symptom free & not had contact with any infected person.
      • Bandtime staff to supply their own hand sanitiser.
      • Students are encouraged to keep hand sanitiser in their instrument case to use before setting up and following packing up their instruments.
      • Students must use one music stand each with their own music and if possible supply their own folding music stand.
      • No sharing of instruments or equipment with the exception of percussion which will be played using the student’s own sticks.
      • Students playing non-reeded woodwind instruments (flutes and recorders) are situated 3 metres apart from each other and any other performer and are to avoid pointing any air flow from their instruments towards others.
      • Students playing all other musical instruments, including other reeded woodwind instruments and brass instruments, are to be situated a distance of 1.5 metres apart from each other, other performers and all other people in front of them (such as the audience and conductor).
      • Ensembles and other musical groups should rehearse and perform outdoors or in a large, well-ventilated indoor space.
      • All music stands and equipment to be wiped down after each use.
      • Brass players must use a hand towel/ cloth on their laps for wiping of any moisture following playing.
      • Students to be seated appropriately spaced as rooming allowsThe conductor/ tutor to be at the prescribed distance from students at all times.
      • Liaison teacher to be present to explain to students these guidelines and observe they are carried out.



    Engadine Music Education Centre has been supporting school music programs for over 30 years.

    Music educators know that the very best way to teach music is with an instrument in hand. BandTime is a stimulating, structured group music education program for schools, using the Concert Band format.

    This program welcomes beginner students and helps develop them into confident young musicians.


    The EMEC BandTime Program is structured to maximise the learning experience. Lessons follow a sequential tutor book and skills are developed through selected performance material.

    The full Concert Band meets weekly, with smaller group tutorials held separately.

    Tutorial sessions are all taught by instrumental specialists. The conductor overseas the progress of the course and is skilled in developing ensemble playing. The school provides a teacher to act as liaison and to provide ‘duty of care’.


    To monitor practice at home, each student is required to complete a weekly practise record. Progress reports are issued to parents mid-year and end of year.


    The Beginner Band play their first concert at the end of Term 1. Both bands are invited to play in BandFest, a major music festival at the end of Term 2. As well as school performances such as Education Week, all students participate in a Showcase concert in Term 4. Band Camp is offered in Term 3 for students who have completed their first year of playing.


    Becoming a successful band member is a team effort between the school, parent, student and Engadine Music, and we encourage the involvement of all concerned.

    To be a successful young musician, the band student must:

    • Commit to BandTime for the full school year
    • Practise regularly (minimum of 15 minutes per day, 5 times a week).
    • Attend all tutorials, band sessions, and band performances.


    Engadine Music collects lesson fees directly from parents to cover tuition costs. A credit card debit authority allows payments to be automatically deducted each term to ensure your early payment discount is applied. There is also an option for payment in full for the upcoming year, in which case a further discount is applied to the final cost.


    Numerous university studies and other research have documented how music instruction has a beneficial effect on academic performance and self-esteem.

    • Music participation correlates with higher reading, language, and maths skills, in addition to other measures of academic achievement and creativity.
    • Music study can actually help below average learners to improve reading and language skills.
    • Learning an instrument when young is a lifelong skill which can be enjoyed at many levels.
    • Band members learn team work and how to organise their time efficiently, which in turn carries over into all other areas of their school life.
    • Best of all, the time spent participating in music instruction is not detrimental to academic performance. Multiple studies show no compromise in academic performance for students excused from class to study instrumental music once a week.



    Why a Concert Band?

    The Concert Band format allows for a significant number of children to successfully learn woodwind and brass instruments in a group setting.

    What instruments form a Concert Band?

    Woodwind: flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone

    Brass: trumpet, french horn, trombone, baritone horn, tuba

    Electrics: 1 keyboard bass (plays the tuba part, requires 1 years experience), and 1-2 bass guitars.

    Percussion: 2 percussionists will learn all instruments from the percussion family, including snare drum, timpani, bongos, tambourine, mallet percussion (e.g. glockenspiel). 

    What if my child hasn’t played a musical instrument before?

    Our BandTime program caters for absolute beginners, starting with how to assemble their own instrument and play their first note.

    What will my child learn?

    They will learn to read music as well as other basic music skills, including: instrumental technique, ensemble performance skills (working with the conductor and band members), basic music theory, and the experience of performing a range of music genres.

    How does my child get an instrument?

    Some schools already have an instrument pool for students to hire. Engadine Music offers a BandTime rental program whereby instruments can be hired with an option to buy. A deduction of the bond and 50% of the rent paid is applied to the purchase price.

    New instruments can be purchased from Engadine Music.

    If we select the BandTime rental option, do we have to have the insurance?

    The home & contents insurance is listed on the form as a 'must have', however if you do not have this insurance, it simply means you will be liable for the cost of the instrument should something go wrong.

    Need more information on BandTime? Email bandtime@engadinemusic.com.au or call (02) 9520 3044

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