BandTime and Covid-19 FAQ

Q: What will be involved in the online lessons?
A: We are asking children to play 4-5 times a week. They will be asked to play each exercise most days for the week, with new pieces set each week from their tutor book. There will be a video link to an introduction explaining the week's work. We suggest that students have a pencil and mark the exercises set each week. There will also be links to demonstrations and explanations.

Q: What is Essential Elements interactive?
A: This means you have free access to support online from your book. This includes backing tracks, demonstrations and worksheets. To access this, use the code on the first page of your book.

Q: I don’t know anything about music, how can I help my child?
A: The best thing to do is make sure they have an area where they can play and their instrument is handy and also ask them to play for you! Everything else will be easy to follow and they can ask questions if they are unsure.

Q: I have paid an annual band fee, when will my term 2 refund be processed?
A: As BandTime staff are not currently working in store, there will be a delay in refunds.
If you would prefer a credit towards 2021, please let us know and we can arrange this for you.

Q: Even though we are not paying for term 2, can I still submit my Creative Kids Voucher?
A: Yes, of course you can! Send it through with your child’s Date of Birth so we can redeem it through Service NSW - We will then place the credit against your account for when face-to-face learning can resume.

Q: We have submitted our Creative Kids Voucher to BandTime to be redeemed - What will happen to this now?
A: If you pay by term, this was either taken off your term 1 fee, or placed as a credit towards term 2 depending on when you submitted it. If it has been placed as a credit, this will be used on an invoice when face-to-face learning resumes.

If you are an annual fee payer and it was not taken off the amount you paid at the start of the year, this will be refunded to you as soon as we can.

Q: What happens to my rental payments?
A: Currently, all rental payments remain the same. There will be an update mid-year with the amount you have now paid towards your instrument. You may then take the opportunity if you wish, to pay any remainder to own the instrument.

Q: If the programs can resume prior to the end of term 2, what happens with fees?
A: Currently we do not foresee programs restarting in term 2 but if they do, we will advise families accordingly.

Q: Why is BandTime unable to use Zoom as part of it’s online teaching?
A: After a lot of conversations with our schools towards the end of term, we came to realise that there were a lot of privacy issues we were unable to overcome, which unfortunately meant ruling out Zoom or any form of video teaching of the BandTime programs in term 2.

Q: If I remove my child from the program due to Covid-19, can we rejoin in 2021 with no penalty?
A: If you remove your child from the program at this point, we completely understand. However, if they are wanting to rejoin in the new year, they may have to undergo the same recruitment process as every other student wanting to join.

Q: We are currently experiencing financial issues due to the pandemic, is BandTime able to offer any assistance?
A: We understand finances are tight with a lot of families at the moment, which is why we are offering the free online learning modules for term 2 - to help take some financial stress off families. We are also offering to place enrolments on hold for the time being so your child’s position is still available should your circumstances change.

Q: I keep calling the shop. Why is no-one from BandTime calling me back?
A: Due to the current Social Distancing rules, BandTime staff members are not currently working in store. As always, our preferred method of contact is via email at However in urgent matters we are returning calls once requested through emails.