Wye Practice Books for The Flute Omnibus 1-6

by Novello
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Trevor Wye 's renowned Practice Books For The Flute have been invaluable for flautists for many years. This Omnibus Edition features books 1-6 in one bumper compendium. Each Practice Book  delves into great detail into a different aspect of playing the Flute. Having sold over 1 million copies, the series as a whole is invaluable for amateur or would-be professional flautists, providing in-depth tips on practising and how to overcome specific technical difficulties. The various books within this edition give hugely important information on the following: Book 1: Tone Book 2: Technique Book 3: Articulation Book 4: Intonation & Vibrato Book 5: Breathing & Scales Book 6: Advanced Practice When combined, this Omnibus Edition  of the Practice Books For Flute  create a wonderfully comprehensive and well-organised way to become a serious flautist. Within each individual book, Trevor Wye  goes into an unparalleled level of detail, laying everything out logically and honestly, so that you are guided through the fine details but the practising itself must come from you.  This edition represents great value for money, costing a lot less than it would to buy each book individually, and you also gain Trevor Wye 's exceptional gift for instruction across all these concepts. For value for money when learning the Flute, you can't do better than this Omnibus Edition  of  Trevor Wye's Practice Books For Flute . The authoritative and detailed style is perfect for beginners and seasoned professionals, as there is always something that can be learned or improved upon. Pick up these Practice Books  today and hear a difference in your playing.

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