Wye Orchestral Flute Practice Book 2

by Novello
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With its ability to reach extremely high registers, the Flutes, and especially the Piccolos, jingle is always clearly audible over other instruments in the Orchestra. However, in classical music teaching more emphasis is put on solo practice than the specific know-hows of orchestral playing. With The Orchestral Flute Practice (Book 2) Trevor Wye and Patricia Morris set out to change this habit. This volume looks at issues common to flutists in an Orchestra such as the middle and upper registers, cadenzas, orchestral duets and trios, the Austro-German School and contemporary orchestral writing. Extracts from popular orchestral works with Flute solos (by composers N-Z) are introduced and regular practice encouraged. The authors extensive orchestral experience showing in the notes, practical information, hints and comments included throughout the book make The Orchestral Flute Practice Book invaluable to students and professionals alike. Book 1 covers composers A-P. Book 2 covers composers R-Z.

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