World Music: Traditions and Transformations

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By Michael B. Bakan. 

Move to the rhythm of music and culture from around the globe, presented to you in the third edition of World Music: Traditions and Transformations.  Students will thrill to participate in an exciting global journey of musical and cultural discovery, exploration, and experience.  Using a thoroughly modern approach to music sharing and listening, the text offers students hundreds of song selections from around the world and throughout history with a rich and unique Spotify playlist.  Michael Bakan offers students an opportunity to bring a diverse world of music from traditional folk, ritual, and classical genres to contemporary popular and art musics, jazz and world beat right into their own classrooms.  World Music: Traditions and Transformations appeals to both music majors and non-majors alike, by approaching the world of music in a multi-dimensional way, highlighting the connections between music and its rich cultural contexts. 

PART I Chapter 1: What, in the World, Is Music?

Chapter 2: How Music Lives: A Musicultural Approach

Chapter 3: How Music Works: Part I: Rhythm

Chapter 4: How Music Works: Part II: Pitch

Chapter 5: How Music Works: Part III: Dynamics, Timbre, and Instruments

Chapter 6: How Music Works: Part IV: Texture and Form

Chapter 7: Indonesian Gamelan Music: Interlocking Rhythms, Interlocking Worlds

Chapter 8: From Raga to Bollywood: Developments and Intercultural Crossings in Indian Music

Chapter 9: ‘Not the Same, but Just as Nice’: Traditions and Transformations in Irish Music

Chapter 10: The River and the Path: Conversation and Collective Expression in West African Musics

Chapter 11: "Oye Como Va" and the Musics of Latin America

Chapter 12: From Baladi to Belly Dance: Rhythm, Dance, and Music in Egypt and Beyond

Chapter 13: A Musicultural History of the Chinese Zheng

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