Woodwind Instruments

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Why does the low register of any woodwind instrument respond poorly? Where can you purchase good double reeds? What should you do when a woodwind instrument cracks? What options are needed on a school oboe and bassoon? How do you deal with stuck swabs? Why is one particular note sharp or flat? Why is just the upper, middle or lower register flat or sharp? These and countless other questions about purchasing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and storing woodwind instruments are answered in this comprehensive yet concise handbook.

Topics include:

• Purchasing - what options you need/don't need, safest to buy

• Maintaining - lubrication, water control, tarnish and residue control

• Troubleshooting - pitch, response, mechanical, common problems

• Repair - cork and pad replacement, emergency “fixes”

• Storage - minimizing wood instrument cracks, keeping in adjustment

• Tuning - affects of temperature, dynamics, instrument length, reeds

• Peculiarities of “harmony” instruments

• Understanding reeds - brands, warpage, balance

• Mouthpieces - jazz and classical recommendations

• Building a woodwind tool kit - what to include

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