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Wenger Acoustic Shield


SKU: W143E102

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Effectively reduces potentially damaging sound energy. Portable design makes it easy to place in the best position. Unique cantilever arm extends over chair backs just behind the head of the musician. Folds compactly, with built-in carrying handle. Low-profile base provides excellent stability without interfering with feet or stands.



• Large 221/2”w x 17”h (572 x 432 mm) shield surface for maximum diffusion.

• The Acoustic Shield effectively reduces potentially damaging sound energy from instruments played directly behind a musician.

• Use at its higher position to deflect sound around a musician’s head or use it at its lower position to help project French horn sound.

• The initial wave from a loud musical sound (like a trumpet blast) can be reduced up to 40% in perceived loudness of the higher frequencies (above 2 KHz).

• Shield surface is mounted on a cantilevering arm that reaches over chair backs for positioning just behind the head of a musician.

• Adjustable height from 10” - 43” (254 to 1092 mm)

• Folds compactly with built-in carrying handle

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