Three Centuries of Piano Music - 18th 19th & 20th Centuries, Intermediate

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Anonymous: Polonaise in G minor, BWV App. 119; Minuet in A minor, BWV App. 120 • Antheil: Little Shimmy • CPE Bach: March in G Major, BWV App. 124; Solfeggieto • JS Bach: Bourrée from Lute Suite No. 1 in E minor, BWV 996; Prelude in D minor, BWV 926; Prelude in F Major, BWV 927; Prelude in C minor, BWV 999 • Barber: Petite Berceuse; To My Steinway from Three Sketches for Pianoforte •Bartók: Bagatelle No. 6 from 14 Bagatelles; Selections from For Children • Beach: Gavotte in D minor from Children's Album, Op. 36 • Beethoven: German Dance in C Major, WoO 8, No. 7; German Dance in G Major, WoO 8, No. 6; German Dance in B-flat Major, WoO 13, No.2 • Burgmüller: Selections from 25 Progressive Studies, Op. 100; Confidence from 18 Characteristic Studies, Op. 109 • Chopin: Prelude in E minor, Op. 28, No. 4; Prelude in B minor, Op. 28, No. 6; Prelude in A Major, Op. 28, No. 7 • Couperin: The Little Trifle • Creston: Selections from Five Little Dances, Op. 24 • Dandrieu: Lament • Handel: Allegro from Suite in G minor, HWV 432; Prelude in G Major, HWV 442 • Grieg: Selections from Lyric Pieces • Gurlitt: Selections from Albumleaves for the Young, Op. 101 • Haydn: Allegro from Sonata in C Major, Hob. XVI/1 o Heller: Study in A minor (The Avalanche) from 25 Melodious Etudes, Op. 45 • Hovhaness: Mountain Lullaby from Mountain Idylls, Op. 119 • Kabalevsky: Selections from 30 Pieces for Children, Op. 27; Slow Waltz from 24 Pieces for Children, Op. 39; Rondo-Toccata from Four Rondos, Op. 60 • Khachaturian: Ivan Sings from Adventures of Ivan • Kirnberger: The Chimes • Kullak: Selections from Scenes from Childhood, Op. 81 • MacDowell: To a Wild Rose from Woodland Sketches, Op. 51 • Mozart: Piece for Clavier in F Major, KV 33B; Andantino in E-flat Major, KV 236 (588b); Rondo in C Major, KV 334 (320b); Adagio for Glass Harmonica, KV 356 (617a); Funeral March for Signor Maestro Contrapunto, KV 453a; German Dance in C Major, KV 605, No. 3 • Muczynski: Fable No. 9 from Fables, Op. 21 • Nielsen: Folk Melody from Five Piano Pieces, Op. 3 • Paradies (Paradisi): Toccata from Sonata No. 6 in A Major • Pinto: Playing Marbles from Children's Festival • Prokofiev: Selections from Music for Children, Op. 65 • Rameau: Tambourin • Ravel: Prélude • Reger: The Dead Little Bird from Album for Young People, Op. 17 • D Scarlatti: Sonata in G Major, L. 79 (K. 391, P. 364); Sonata in D minor, L. 423 (K. 32, P. 14) • Schumann: Selections from Scenes from Childhood, Op. 15; Selections from Album for the Young, Op. 68 • Shostakovich: Birthday from Children's Notebook for Piano, Op. 69 • Tchaikovsky: Selections from Album for the Young, Op. 39 Telemann: Cantabile in F Major

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