The Jazzer's Cookbook

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A “must have” exciting collection of favourite tips from 57 of today's most outstanding educators, performers, and industry pros in the jazz education world. This is an ideal source that contains proven successful suggestions that will not only aid the teacher/director from junior high school to university levels, but the conductor and performer – novice to professional! Performance tips on instrument technique,rehearsals, programming, technology, improvisation and much more! 
Enjoy this quick-to-read enjoyable book that will inform and inspire creativity and improvement at all levels. 

Sample recipes include: 
Jamey Abersold, legendary jazz educator and publisher, NEW Jazz Master and Legend of Jazz Education Honoree 

Advanced Jazz Improve, How to Cook! 

John Clayton, Grammy award winning Bassist and composer, Vice-President Left Hand Basics

Dennis DiBlasio, jazz saxophonist with Maynard Ferguson and others, arranger, composer, educator 

Get Started Improvising by Using a Single Scale-Heat, Simmer, Boil! 

DianeDowns, founder and artistic director of the renowned Louisville Leopard Percussionists 

All About the Blues! 

Dr. Lou Fischer, co-founder/past president of the Jazz Education Network, performer, composer, author 

Big Band Shake 'n Bake–Successful Performance Tips 

Dan Haerle, faculty/Regents professor in Jazz studies at the UNT 25 years, Legends of Jazz Education recipient 

Expand Your Palette–a taste of Voicings 

Dave Liebman, NEA Jazz Master, Legend of Jazz Education, award winning performer, lecturer, author 

Beyond the Music–Jazz Education in the Century of Change 

Darmon Meader, distinguished vocalist, arranger, and saxophonist, founder/performer New York Voices 

Stir, Don't Shake–Recipe for Vocal Improv 

Bob Mintzer, 23-year member of Yellowjackets, Grammy award-winning big band leader and composer of big band music performed globally 

Spice Up your Life with Music–words from one whoknows! 

Dr. Gary Motley, recognized by National Endo wment for the Arts, Great American Jazz Piano Competition, and AmericanComposers Forum 

Jazz and the iPad – Add this to your M enu! 

Dr. Larry Ridley, educator, performer, authors and is founder/executive director for the African-American Jazz Caucus, Inc., (AAJC) 

Jazz Gumbo, sage advice 

Paris Rutherford, Regents Professor Emeritus of Jazz, Univ. of North Texas 30 years, author, arranger, LeJENds of Jazz Education recipient 

Recipe for Arranging Amazing Vocal Jazz Goodies

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