The Gig Book - The Beatles, Piano Vocal

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The brilliantly handy Beatles Gig Book comes with a tough PVC cover and is an absolutely ideal size for stuffing in your gig bag. Have a flick through and you'll be won over by the wealth of sheet music inside of 100 of the Fab Four's best songs.  Featuring lyrics, chord boxes and melody line, as well as text and black and white photos, these handy books are a great addition to any musician's repertoire, after all, The Beatles are the greatest band ever. Who wouldn't want to learn such classics as All You Need Is Love, Eleanor Rigby, Hey Jude  and Let It Be.  The perfect size for keeping with you in your gig bag at all times, you will always be able to open it up and play through a Beatles classic. Whether it's Hard Day's Night after a day at the office, Taxman as you're filling out your tax returns or Here Comes The Sun on a beautiful summer's day, there's a song for every occasion, and they're universally loved.  These books are just faultless for their versatility and usefulness, being great for guitarists, pianists, singers and all other musicians, you'll be able to add some of the greatest songs of all time to your repertoire and please crowds wherever you go. With a hard-wearing PVC cover, each book in the series is designed to be carried around and used over and over again, and with such a great selection of songs, who wouldn't? For a great collection of Beatles sheet music to learn and play, while also representing supreme convenience and practicality, the Beatles Gig Book  is a fantastic choice for fans of Beatlemania, or just incredible songwriting and musical talent.

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