The 20th Century, Piano Upper Intermediate Level

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The 20th Century series presents music by some of the greatest composers of the modern era, composers who wrote a full range of music fororchestra, voices, piano and chamber ensembles, in the great and large forms. But they also valued music education, and composed interesting music to foster a stdent pianist's progress. The pieces by these composerslead a student not only to technical proficiency, but also to become a more fully formed, imaginative musician. When a great talent turns attention to writing a short piece of limited difficulty level for students, it is approached with the same aesthetics, temperament, tastes and creative invention applied when composing a symphony, opera or concerto. These exquisite miniatures are complete works of timeless art. Through them a master musician of the past indirectly teaches a progressing musician of the present and the future.

Contents: Barber: Poison Ivy from Fresh from West Chester (Some Jazzings) • Bartók: Bagatelle No. 1 from Fourteen Bagatelles • Bear Dance from Ten Easy Pieces • Joc cu bâta (Stick Dance) from Roumanian Folk Dances • Boulanger: D'un vieux jardin (An Old Garden) from Trois morceaux pour piano • Burleigh: On Bended Knees from From the Southland • Dello Joio: Bright from Suite for Piano • Kabalevsky:selections from 30 Pieces for Children, Op. 27: War Dance, Etude in F Major • Khachaturian: Ivan Is Very Busy from Advent ures of Ivan • selections from Ten Pieces for the Young Pianist: The Leopard on the Seesaw, Snare Drum • Muczynski: selections from A Summer Journal, Op. 19: Morning Promenade, ParkScene • Pinto: Run, Run! from Scenas Infantas (Memories of Childhood) • Prokofiev: selections from Music for Children, Op. 65: Tarantella, March of the Grasshoppers • Schuman: selections from Three Score Set: Movement I, Movement II, Movement III • Shostakovich: Lyrical Waltz from Dances of the Dolls • Tan: selections from Eight Memories in Watercolor, Op. 1: Staccato Beans, Blue Nun.

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