Rockschool Guitar 2012-2018 - Grade 2

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Key Features at Grade 2:
Arpeggiated Chords, Palm Muting, Alternate picking, Pull offs, Shuffle feel
Major, Minor scales. Minor Pentatonic scales and chords. Major and Minor 7th chords
Playback skills

Rockschool builds upon its 21 years of unrivalled experience in rock and pop examination by bringing you the 2012-2018 Syllabus. For this latest Syllabus, Rockschool have employed some of the most sought after professional musicians to ensure that their tunes are the most authentic on offer.

 Guitar Syllabus features:
-Plot your stylistic specialism - follow your preferred style up through the grades
-Introduction to tone - authentic tone and amp setting suggestions for each track
-TAB and Standard Notation
-6 performance pieces, 6 varying styles
-Fact Files: band and artists background information with recommended listening
-Walkthroughs: hints and tips on the tricky sections of the songs
-CD with full mixes & backing tracks
-Free Choice Element - You can select 2 free choice pieces in your exam

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