Quality of Life Habits of a Successful Band Director

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By Scott Rush, Jeremy Lane. 

Being a band director is more than a career it is truly a way of life. Demanding and extended hours are par for the course. Then there's the stress of concert performances and managing students and budgets, let alone the parents! How does a band director sustain a happy and healthy career? How best to balance work life and family life? Who should band directors turn to for support and guidance? Written by two veteran music educators, this indispensable book is for anyone who struggles in dealing with the hazards of the profession, be it a first-year teacher or a seasoned veteran of more than 25 years. Quality of Life Habits of a Successful Band Director can be especially valuable for preservice music education students, and can help solve many problems before they start. Topics include: early career strategies; perspectives from the masters Ray Cramer and Frank Battisti; balancing family, spouse, workplace, and personal needs; motherhood and band directing; and transferring theory to practice through the development of action steps and professional strategies. This practical yet wise book is insightful, meaningful, and gripping. Authors Scott Rush and Jeremy Lane have written a true classic—a book to return to again and again, the results yielding a long and happy career in music education.

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