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Porgy and Bess-Songbooks-Hal Leonard-Engadine Music


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Titles include: Jasbo Brown Blues • Summertime • A Woman Is a Sometime Thing • Here Come de Honey Man • They Pass by Singin'• Oh Little Stars • Gone, Gone, Gone • Overflow • M y Man's Gone Now • Leavin' for the Promise' Lan' • It Take a Long Pull to Get There • I Got Plenty O' Nuttin' • Buzzard Song• Bess, You Is My Woman • Oh, I Can't Sit Down • I Ain't Got No Shame • It Ain't Necessarily So • What You Want Wid Be ss? • Oh, Doctor Jesus • Strawberry Woman • Crab Man • I Loves You, Porgy • Oh, Hev'nly Father • Oh, de Lawd Shakede Heavens • Oh, Dere's Somebody Knockin' at de Do' • A Red H eaded Woman • Clara, Clara • There's a Boat Dat's Leavin' Soonfor New York • Good Mornin', Sistuh! • Oh, Bess, Oh Where's M y Bess • Oh Lawd • I'm on My Way.

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