Playing Made Easy For Recorder - Method Book

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By Margaret Brandman. 

The  Playing Made Easy for Recorder Method Book (also released as 'How to Play the Recorder) " is based on Ms Brandman's belief that one can develop a speed-reading approach by focusing on the interval movement rather than the traditional note-naming system. (Those of us that play transposing instruments, such as clarinet, would agree with this, as it is a recognised approach to transposition.) The book starts with care of the recorder, breathing and breath marks (a good idea so early on), and tonguing (using the head joint) before tackling notation and theory. It introduces theoretical concepts with a practical approach, using aural, visual and tactile methods to teach notation. Both American and British naming is used (e.g. quarter-note and crotchet) - I find American terminology very helpful in explaining time signatures and relative note values. Questions are interspersed to reinforce learning. I feel it is a brilliantly thorough and inspired book, very visual and practical, with an excellent index.

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