On the Wings of Angels, Carl Strommen Concert Band Grade 3.5

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Full of lush harmonies and beautiful melodic lines, On the Wings of Angels, composed by acclaimed composer Carl Strommen, will both excite and challenge players. Written for the annual WorldStrides Onstage event, On the Wings of Angels has all of the flowing lines that we have come to expect with Carl’s symphonic works. Whether for a special occasion or a selection on a concert program, musicians and audiences alike will enjoy On the Wings of Angels.

  • Fully scored pieces for upper middle school and high school
  • Range is expanded, but still carefully considered
  • More advanced rhythms and part independence
  • 3 Clarinet and Trumpet parts, 2 Horn and Trombone parts
  • Generous cross-cueing of solos or exposed parts
  • More advanced use of percussion

Sample Score

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