Kalahari, Luigi di Ghisallo Stage Band Grade 1

by Rundel
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The Kalahari is a savanna in the South of Africa that is often called a desert due to extensive sands. The large region stretches for more than one million square kilometers. An exceptional feature is the river Okavango that flows through the Kalahari, spreads out in the Okavango Delta and finally oozes away. There it forms one of Africa’s biggest wetland area s with an enormous diversity of animals – a unique part of the otherwise dry savanna. Luigi di Ghisallo drew inspiration from this astounding and versatile landscape of the Kalahari for his lyrical concert piece. The music softly sways like an elephant herd roaming through the savanna to the Okavango Delta. The African sounds are enhanced by muted snare drum, congas and the typical African drum Djembe (or Bongos). Discover the savanna of Kalahari!

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