Essential Elements Jazz Play-Along Jazz Standards - B-flat, E-flat and C Instruments

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Arrangers Michael Sweeney, Mike Steinel.  

At last, a jazz play-along book for developing players! In addition to being a perfect introduction to some of the best-known jazz standards, this book includes hints for improvising on each tune, a guide to jazz articulations, plus a scale/chord correlation chart. Biographical sketches of key jazz figures are also included. And, if that wasn't enough, each tune comes with its own sample solo for reference or performance. The professionally recorded audio CD also includes tempo adjustment software for use in your computer (CD-ROM). Includes: Now's the Time, Killer Joe, Blue Bossa, C-Jam Blues, Footprints, Song for My Father, Autumn Leaves, Freddie Freeloader, St. Thomas and Blue Train. Professionally recorded Play-Along CD Tempo adjustment software for computer (CD-ROM) Choice of full recording (with melody) or rhythm section only. Sample written solos and improvising hints Rhythm book includes bass lines, piano voicing, and drum patterns.

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