It's Easy to Improvise, Piano

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By Margaret Brandman. 

The easiest and most enjoyable way to learn keyboard harmony! This book contains graded popular and folk tunes with which to learn left hand accompaniment styles and arranging, plus information on the placement of chords and varying accompaniment styles. It also includes suggestions for melodic embellishment and improvisation applicable to keyboards and single line instruments.

  • It has several pages of suggestions for left-hand accompaniment patterns and suggestions are given for the treatment of each tune.
  • All the songs are well-known popular and traditional tunes.
  • The fun way to learn how to bring single line tunes with chords to life, and how to embellish melodies and create your own.

'Margaret Brandman's IT'S EASY TO IMPROVISE takes the mystery out of improvisation by presenting a clearly defined and logical step-by-step method that takes the guess work out of the technique and equips the student with the basic knowledge to improvise in a variety of styles and rhythms. A worthwhile and highly recommended publication that will introduce students to improvisation whilst extending their overall developmental skills and enjoyment of music'

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