Honor and Celebration, Joshua V. Hinkel Concert Band Grade 2

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Written in recognition of a long-time middle school band director and his students, this gorgeous and inspiring work is sure to reflect a sense of Honor and Celebration to your audience!

Program Notes

 Honor and Celebration was written for the students at the Chapin Middle School Bands and their director David Santiago. As the title suggests, it was composed for all current and former CMS Band students as a way to HONOR them for their time in the band program and also CELEBRATE with them on their successes and efforts they put forth while being part of the bands there.

The opening bold statement (Honor) reflects the way Mr. Santiago feels when he thinks about how lucky he has been to teach over 12,000 band students during his time as band director in the Chapin Schools and how thankful he is to have been able to get to know so many students, families, and community members while teaching band in Chapin. The piece quickly moves to a faster paced section (Celebration) that reflects the band’s successes over 32 years. The slower middle section is a lovely tribute that allows Mr. Santiago to express his LOVE and RESPECT for his family and all they have meant to him during his time as band director! Throughout this section, there is a trumpet solo to reflect on his two sons, Christian and Colin, who played trumpet during their times in the Chapin band as well a flute solo as to express his love for his daughter Nicole who played flute in the CMS band. This section closes with a bold statement (Amore) to demonstrate his dedication to all his family, then concludes with the excitement and energy he has shared with his students and how he looks forward to future years he will share with all of them.

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