A Musical Passport, Richard Meyer String Orchestra Grade 2.5

by Alfred
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Take your orchestra on a trip around the world with this fun medley of some of the most famous melodies ever written. Using 22 tunes from 17 different countries, this is the ultimate multi-cultural experience for your students and your audience! The melodies are tossed from section to section so all the instruments get a chance in the spotlight, and the quickly changing styles will keep everyone on their toes. Songs that are included in A Musical Passport by Richard Meyer are "America, the Beautiful" (U.S.A.) * "Rule, Britannia" (England) * "The Irish Washerwoman" (Ireland) * "Scotland the Brave" (Scotland) * "Roll Out the Barrel" (Czechoslovakia/Germany) * "Funiculi, Funicula" (Italy) * "Frere Jacques" (France) * "Dark Eyes" (Russia) * "Jasmine Flower Song" (China) * "Arirang" (Korea) * "Sakura" (Japan) * "Obwisana" (Ghana) * "Siyahamba" ("We Are Marching") (South Africa [Zulu]) * "Waltzing Matilda" (Australia) * "La Cumparsita" (South America [Uruguay]) * "Las Chiapanecas" (Mexico) * "Cielito Lindo" (Mexico) * "O Canada" (Canada) * "Oh! Susanna" (U.S.A.) * "Camptown Races" (U.S.A.) * "America, the Beautiful" (U.S.A.) * "Home, Sweet Home" (U.S.A.) * "The Star-Spangled Banner" (U.S.A.) * "America, the Beautiful" (U.S.A.)

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