Mano Percussion Cajon Wooden Rhythm Box Drum with Padded Bag

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The MANO PERCUSSION CAJON is a Drummer's wooden rhythm box with internal snare wires for additional effect. Played using both hands in a Bongo/Conga type fashion and producing a sound that will carry you away in spirit to a land where Crawdads and Chili Gumbo are rife. Supplied with padded heavy duty nylon waterproof yarn carry bag featuring comfortable carry handle and shoulder straps.
Wooden Rhythm Box with Internal Snare Wires  Dimensions: 44cm (H) x 29cm (W) x 29cm (D)

  • Great for beginners
  • Adjustable internal snare wires
  • Solid hardwood body
  • Traditional Flemenco sound and rich bass tones

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