Brass Instruments

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What instruments brands provide the best value? Are used instruments a good investment? What mouthpiece should beginners use? Single or double horn? Is there a way to make it easier for beginners to play the tuba? Why are certain valve combinations always out of tune? When is it time to move to an F attachment trombone? What's the difference between compensating and non-compensating – isn't that what the 4th valve does? What's this I hear about trombone lung? These and countless other questions about purchasing, maintaining, troubleshooting, repairing and storing brass instruments are answered in this comprehensive yet concise handbook.

Topics include:

• Purchasing - brands to consider and prices to expect

• Maintenance - lubrication, cleaning and maintaining brass in top condition

• Troubleshooting - quick repairs, what to look for and preventive measures

• Repair - what can be done with a few tools and what REALLY needs a brass repairman

• Storage - how to protect your instrument and your investment

• Tuning - tendencies and solutions for ALL valved brass

• Mouthpieces - a good place to start and what comes next

• Mutes - shapes, types and pitch tendencies

• Building a brass tool kit - what to include

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