Fretboard Theory - At a Glance

SKU 696430

The At a Glance series pairs an instructional DVD lesson taught by a professional guitarist with a supplemental book for a comprehensive learning experience. Each book/DVD features several lessons pertaining to one topic, and the hi-def DVD lessons feature on-screen music. The lessons are loaded with valuable tips and information, and popular song examples help to demonstrate the concepts in action. Fretboard Theory features these lessons: Fretboard Navigation, CAGED Licks, Modal Soloing, and Harmonizing Lead Lines. 30 songs, including: Aqualung Îà Crazy Train Îà Day Tripper Îà Hit Me with Your Best Shot Îà Jump, Jive an' Wail Îà Landslide Îà No Woman No Cry Îà Oye Como Va Îà Reeling in the Years Îà Smoke on the Water ÎàWalk This Way Îà and many more!

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