15 Easy Piano Pieces

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This collection of remarkable jewels by Mozart will be invaluable to teachers and students. The book features some of Mozart's earliest works, a few of which were composed when the young Wolfgang was only six years old. Already present are signs of remarkable taste and talent: beautiful melody, impeccable formal construction, and unsurpassed elegance. These pieces are wonderful tools for teaching articulation, independence of the hands, and the classical style. Contents: Air in A-flat major (KV Anh. 109b Nr. 8 [15ff]) Ϋ Allegro in B-flat major (KV 3) Ϋ Allegro in F major (KV 1c) Ϋ Andante in C major (KV 1a) Ϋ Andante in E-flat major (KV 15mm) Ϋ Contradance in G major (KV 15e) Ϋ Larghetto in F major Ϋ Minuet in B-flat major (KV 15pp) Ϋ Minuet in C major (from KV 6) Ϋ Minuet in D major (KV 7) Ϋ Minuet in D major (KV 94 [73h]) Ϋ Minuet in E-flat major (KV 15qq) Ϋ Minuet in F major (KV 2) Ϋ Minuet in G major (KV 1e/1f) Ϋ Minuet in G major (KV 15c) Ϋ Minuet in G major (KV 15y)

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