VH1's 100 Greatest Songs of Rock and Roll - Engadine Music

VH1 sent ballots to over 700 musicians, songwriters, disc jockeys and radio programmers and asked them to vote on the 100 greatest songs of rockand roll. The results were shown in a much-publicized feature, and sele ctions from that show are here in this awesome collection of the best and most influential rock songs of all time! Songs are arranged by their ranking with artists listed, and include: All Along the Watchtower Îà American Pie Îà Blowin' in the Wind Îà Born to Run Îà Good Vibrations Îà Hey Jude Îà Hotel California Îà I Heard It Through the Grapevine Îà Imagine Îà Layla Îà Light My Fire Îà Like a Rolling Stone Îà London Calling Îà Louie, LouieÎà Maggie May Îà My Generation Îà Proud Mary Îà Respect Îà Smells Like Teen Spirit Îà Walk This Way Îà Wild Thing Îà Yesterday Îà and more.