Grades 2.5 - 3.5

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These selections focus on Concert band music from grades 0.5 to 3.5, and are a mix of new titles and some new arrangements of old favourites.

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Grade 2.5

A Musical Memory, arranged by Noah D. Taylor (Brolga)

An uplifting and energetic piece for your bands, It was written to honor a loved music teacher and reflect on her caree and love for playing & teching. This is also a fitting arrangement for all to remember how much we all love and have mised our music playing througout the past couple of years due to the Covid Restrictions.


Marche Militaire, arranged by Tim Ferrier (Tim Ferrier)

The players in your developing band will enjoy this arrangement of the main theme of Schubert's popular piano duet. Everyone knows this one. A fantastic concert opener!


Ratbags, arranged by David Jones (Brolga)

A ‘ratbag’ is an Australian slang term used to describe someone who might be a bit mischievous. In this case it is applied with the utmost affection. A game of ‘hide and seek’ dictated that once their cover had been blown, the seeker obliged to turn into a tiger and chase them around the house. The middle, lyrical section is a tune called “Song for Mummy”. They played this on their 1/10th size violins as a mothers’ day present when they were 5 years old.


Star Light, Star Bright, arranged by Leslie Gilreath (C. Alan)

A call to all students to again reflect on making music, with Melodic inspiration from"Twinkle Twinkle little star". A tribute to a tune so many learn at the beginning of there music playing journey, and a reminder to follow there own stars in times of Doubt.


Grade 3

Easy On Me (Adele), arranged by Michael Brown (Hal Leonard)

Adele makes a triumphant return to the pop charts with this poignant and soaring hit single. Michael Brown's well-crafted setting uses varying textures and dramatic builds in bringing it to the concert stage.


No Time To Die, arranged by Michael Brown (Hal Leonard)

The final James Bond film featuring Daniel Craig - No Time to Die features a darkly beautiful and moody theme song recorded by Billie Eilish. With hints of the signature Bond harmonic flavour and stylish setting, this theme is already on it's way to becoming a classic.


Swingin’ On The Moon, arranged by Michael Kamuf (Alfred)

Let's go to the moon! Swingin' on the Moon is a medley of three great American standards is a perfect choice to teach or reinforce swing style to your students. Featuring "Blue Moon," "Moonlight Serenade," and "How High the Moon," this arrangement by Michael Kamuf is bound to be a favorite of students and audiences alike!


Rejoice! Be Glad! Arranged by Ralph Hultgren (Brolga)

Rejoice! Be Glad! was commissioned by St Patrick’s College, Shorncliffe, Queensland, for the Symphonic Band who asked for a fervent Jewish style dance, saying the young men in the ensemble enjoyed playing such music. The Hebrew word, Samach, means to rejoice and to make glad, sometimes even to the point of boisterous exultation. The fervour implied in the word is to be found in the piece and also in the word of the psalmist, where he says, “Rejoice in the Lord and be glad, you righteous; sing, all you who are upright in heart!” (Ps. 32:11) As you listen, rejoice and maybe even singalong and dance in the style of the ancient Hebrews.


Shostakovich - Waltz No 2, arranged by Michael Brown (G. Shirmer Publication)

This popular waltz melody from Shostakovich's Suite for Variety Stage Orchestra is well-known throughout the world and often used in TV and films. Here is a well-paced version scored for flexible instrumentation.



The Mandalorian, arranged by Paul Murtha (Hal Leonard)

One of the most dynamic TV/movie themes to come along recently is the music from the popular series ′The Mandalorian′. All of the power and intensity of the original is captured in this version with flexible instrumentation.



Bend The Iron, arranged by John M. Pasternak (Excelcia Music)

Journey out west with this new work by John M. Pasternak for concert band. Reminiscent of old western films, this overture is perfect for any concert program as well as festival adjudication. The piece features soaring fanfares and ample opportunities for expressive playing.

Speedball, arranged by Michael Sotry (Alfred)

A concert, contest, or festival opener cast in traditional ABA overture form, the piece maintains the same energetic tempo throughout. The enhanced contemporary elements composer Michael Story selected permit a fresh new feel. Demonstrating rhythmic precision, ensemble consistency and conformity, and varied articulations, Speedball will provide the clarity necessary for a successful performance. A vigorous musical adventure! (2:25)


A Rose In Silence Blooms, arranged by Peter Terry (Excelcia Music)

Using two wonderful Carols, Low How a Rose E’er Blooming, and Silent Night, arranger Peter Terry has created a fresh new work for your holiday concert. This work has great opportunities for expressive independant playing as well as lush full ensemble sections. Audiences will love this one.


Golden Celebration Overture, arranged by Chris M. Bernotas (Alfred)

Starts with a bold statement that depicts great pride. The lyrical, melodic style provides ample opportunity for expression and emotion. Following the majestic section, a change of tempo and texture brings excitement and energy. Opportunity and engagement for all students are paramount in this celebratory piece!


Grade 3.5

Ars Vitae, arranged by Larry Clark (Excelcia Music)

Art is Life! This sentiment is abundant in this wonderful new work for concert band by Larry Clark. Full of flourish and thick brass writing harkening back to the days of Alfred Reed, Ars Vitae has everything you could want in a contest and festival work.


Nightride, arranged by Robert Sheldon (FJH Music Company)

This impressive composition includes expressive moments that range from menacing to tender, aggressive to introspective, and capricious to heroic. The multi-meter high-speed romp in the opening Allegro yields to a heartfelt, lyrical Adagio before returning to variations of the initial theme that culminate in a raucous conclusion. Everyone has melodic moments and the percussion section certainly has opportunities to shine.


With Zeal Unceasing, arranged by Todd Salter (Alfred)

This high-energy piece opens with a brief, powerful introductory fanfare that leads to a rapid-paced set of melodic fragments, contours, and rhythms derived from the well-known Austrian hymn, before hurtling its way through a variety of meters, interspersed with percussive punctuation. (2:00)