Grades 1.5 - 2

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We hope our online ‘event’ gives you the opportunity to experience some of the latest releases to help with your 2022 program music choices.

These selections focus on Concert band music from grades 0.5 to 3.5, and are a mix of new titles and some new arrangements of old favourites.

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Grade 1.5

Bigfoot Stomp, arranged by Robert Buckley

Bigfoot Stomp is a quirky, animated piece that is a unique change of pace for your band and audience. According to legend, Bigfoot is a tall, hairy, ape-like creature that lives in the wilderness of Northwest America and leaves huge footprints. This music imagines a group of them gathering together and stamping their massive feet in a wild, barbaric dance.

Bigfoot Stomp


Monster Rock, arranged by Tom Molter (Barnhouse)

Your youngest students will think they’ve really hit the “big time” when they perform this appealing rock tune. Lots of fun and a great audience pleaser, you won’t have any trouble getting your students to practice this little jewell! A winner!

Listen and view the score

Monster Rock


Rhythmania, arranged by Carol Brittin Chambers (Excelcia Music)

Rhythmania! is an exciting new work for a developing band! Introduce your students to new sound effects produced with hands, sticks, and pencils on stands in this rock-inspired opener! We know your students are going to ask to play this one more than once!



Looking Up! Arranged by Robert Sheldon (FJH Music Company)

This up-tempo piece delivers a happy and energetic mood! Fun parts are provided for everyone, and the percussion section has plenty to do. Perfect as a concert opener, the rhythmic drive and tuneful melody is sure to engage the audience, leaving them with toes tapping and smiles on their faces.

Looking Up!


The Bandmasters (March), arranged by Matthew R. Putnam

A wonderful new march for developing bands that is perfect for teaching and reinforcing proper march style. The melodic material at the trio is engaging, lyrical, and pairs beautifully with a throw-back break strain that will have your audience itching for the final push!

The Bandmasters (March)


Paper Lantens, arranged by Peter Sciaino (Alfred)

Conjuring breathtaking images of illuminated lanterns floating through the night sky, Peter Sciaino's Paper Lanterns is a delightful selection that will capture the imagination. Celebrated on the 15th day of the first Chinese lunar month, the Lantern Festival traditionally marks the end of the Chinese New Year. As the sun goes down, families will often go outside and pay homage to the moon by launching paper sky lanterns (also called Congaing lanterns) which function like tiny hot air balloons. Take your audience to a place of wonder and beauty with this unique selection for young band. (2:15)


Baby Shark, arranged by Johnnie Vinson (Hal Leonard)

Carefully arranged for second year players using just quarter notes and eighths, here's an easy version of this catchy hit sure to be enjoyed by your students and audience alike.


Mysterious Chase, arranged by Chris Ferguson (Excelcia Music)

Take a mysterious ride with this spine-chilling new work for concert band from composer Chris Ferguson. With plenty of opportunities for rhythmic playing and dramatic accents, Mysterious Chase fits nicely in a Halloween concert or on any program throughout the year!


Imperium, arranged by Michael Sweeney (Hal Leonard)

Composed in 1992, this classic for second year players has remained popular for contests and festivals. Here is an easy flex version scored for just four parts that retains the grit and intensity of the original.


Wellerman, arranged by Johnnie Vinson (Hal Leonard)

Now even young players can join the sea shanty fun with this easy arrangement. There is plenty of variety mixed in and even a melody spot for the low brass!


Grade 1.5 - 2

Nebula, arranged by Randall D. Standridge (FJH Music Company)

The vastness and mysteries of space are illustrated in this colorful work for young band. Lyrical melodies, expansive harmonies, and colorful orchestration are carefully balanced with achievability to create a piece that stands apart from the standard young band repertoire.


Grade 2

Danger Zone, arranged by Michael Story

An arrangement of Kenny Loggins' rock hit is from the movie Top Gun. The familiar driving bass line is the foundation for this energetic box office favorite. Soaring aerobatic ecstasy!


You’ll Be Back, arranged by Douglas E. Wagner

The familiar favorite tune from the award-winning Broadway musical is set in a laid-back, light rock style with clever melodic nuances and richly conceived harmony, perfectly scored for developing band. Easy to play, this one is a winner!


Tango For Two Left Feet, arranged by Terry White (Alfred)

The tango is a very graceful and precise style of Latin dance where the couple performing needs to be totally in sync with each other, as well as the music. Tango for Two Left Feet by Terry White depicts what happens when an inexperienced couple is not in sync, drops a beat or step, and are not in time with the music. In this case, the music drops the beat for them! This composition, in addition to providing rhythmic uniqueness, will allow young musicians the opportunity to learn and be familiar with the most common rhythms associated with the tango style. It also contains some unexpected harmonic twists at times, as well as contemporary harmonies that will provide additional interest to the composition.


Resilience, arranged by Michael Oare (Hal Leonard)

Inspired by that quality of humanity allowing us to adapt and persevere in the face of the challenges brought on by the pandemic, Resilience is a celebratory piece that commemorates everyone's efforts to overcome this difficult time. This upbeat and dynamic work for young bands is sure to lift up your spirits.


Sonic Radiance, arranged by Larry Clark (Excelcia Music)

Radiance perfectly describes veteran composer Larry Clark’s powerful new work for concert band. An excellent choice for festival or contest, Sonic Radiance is a bright and melodic piece. With many opportunities to teach form and structure and a wonderfully expressive lyrical section that will push your ensemble’s musicianship, this piece has it all!Radiance perfectly describes veteran composer Larry Clark’s powerful new work for concert band. An excellent choice for festival or contest, Sonic Radiance is a bright and melodic piece. With many opportunities to teach form and structure and a wonderfully expressive lyrical section that will push your ensemble’s musicianship, this piece has it all!


The Grid, arranged by Adrian B. Sims (FJH Music Company)

Journey to the future with a work depicting the power network that brings energy to cities and towns around the world. The pulse of electrons can be felt as the rhythmic intensity continues to build, multiply and expand throughout various sections of the ensemble. A thrilling and innovative work that will inspire students and audiences alike!


Shakespeare Meets Godzilla (The Good The Bard And The Ugly), arranged by Robert Buckley (Hal Leonard)

This inventive and entertaining piece is a mash-up of two entirely different music styles - Renaissance music and classic horror music. Danger is afoot! Shakespeare, armed with only his quill, must stop an enormous creature from destroying his Globe Theatre. As in an epic film score, the music underpins and adds drama to the heroic tale. The effective orchestration and artful interplay between the two music styles gives this piece the colorful sound and intensity of a much more advanced piece.


Ancient Fires, arranged by Carol Brittin Chambers (Excelcia Music)

Composer Carol Brittin Chambers’ new work for young band is sure to excite and inspire. Great writing makes this a superb choice for contest and festival. You’ll be hearing a lot of this one!


Impetus, arranged by Randall Standridge (Alfred)

Impetus is an intense concert opener by composer Randall Standridge that begins with a bang before settling into a 3/4 groove. Melodic moments for all voices, colorful orchestration, and creative percussion writing combine make Impetus an entertaining selection that is sure to engage players and audiences alike.


Sweet Georgia Brown, arranged by Paul Martha

This early jazz standard became the theme song for the famed Harlem Globetrotters, and has remained popular through the years. Paul's clever version for flexible instrumentation passes the melody between upper and lower parts and even includes a stop-time section that features the percussion.