Grades 0.5 - 1

Welcome to our interactive online reading day!

We hope our online ‘event’ gives you the opportunity to experience some of the latest releases to help with your 2022 program music choices.

These selections focus on Concert band music from grades 0.5 to 3.5, and are a mix of new titles and some new arrangements of old favourites.

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Engadine Music


Grade 0.5

Spooky Mansion, arranged by Timothy Loest (FJH Music Company)

Take your audience on a forbidden tour of a former grand house that now sits in darkness. Anxious articulations, daunting dynamics, and spine-chilling sound effects will have everyone on the edge of their seats. Only six notes, but be careful no one really knows what evil lurks behind the boarded-up windows and creaky staircases!


Spooky Mansion


BBB (Beginner Band Blues), arranged by Tim Rowland (Hosenbugler Music)

Need a cheesy beginner band blues piece for your junior band? This is perfect! Using only the first easy 5 notes this easy 12 bar blues style piece gives everyone a piece of the melody, with a big full sound.


Celtic Ritual And Dance


Give Me Five, arranged by Peter Sciaino (Excelcia Music)

We all know that band is a group effort! Show your partner how much you appreciate their hard work with this great work for the beginning band. Using only the first 6 notes of the Bb scale, this piece is perfect for introducing the quarter note rest in a musically satisfying way.

Give Me Five


Celtic Ritual And Dance, arranged by Mekel Rogers (FJH Music Company)

Journey back to the time of the ancient Celtic Druids through the use of modal harmonies and a variety of percussion timbres. Conveying both mysticism and strength, the melodic ideas weave throughout the ensemble before coming to a powerful conclusion. Using only six notes and simple eighth-note rhythms, this is a great piece for young musicians.

Celtic Ritual And Dance


Looking Forward With Hope, arranged by Vaughan Fleischfresser (Brolga Music) 

This piece of music is a celebration of making music together, of being together, and of looking forward with hope after such a challenging time. The pandemic has impacted all our lives, and this piece is a chance for beginner wind bands the world over to look forward to, and celebrate, the hope and joy that making music together brings.

Looking Forward With Hope


Twilight Smiling, arranged by Larry Clark (Excelcia Music)

Twilight Smiling is a standout piece for its uniquely sensitive nature at this grade level. Larry Clark’s new lyrical work offers wonderful opportunities to teach expressive playing and phrasing, and will surely be a hit at any concert throughout the school year.

Twilight Smiling


Grade 0.5 - 1

The Magic Mirror, arranged by Robert Buckley (Hal Leonard)

Looking at a perfectly still body of water, images appear right side up and upside down at the same time. The Magic Mirror creates this illusion with upper and lower instrument groups moving in contrary motion. Effective even for beginners, this piece sounds more advanced than it is, and everyone gets a chance to play melody!

The Magic Mirror


Grade 1

Fair Shake, arranged by Timothy Loest (FJH Music Company)

Forget the cowbell... what you really want is more tambourine! Feature one or more percussionists in this easy-going, rock ‘n’ roll tambourine feature. The catchy melody and driving groove will leave your students and audience begging for more. Includes an optional drum set part. It’s time to give everybody a “fair shake”!

Fair Shake


Blue Monday, arranged by Joan Thorp (Thorp Music)

Here is New Order's No.1 synth-pop hit song recently used in the Wonder Woman 1984 trailer. It's WONDER-ful!

Blue Monday


Cool Breeze, arranged by Chris M. Bernotas (Alfred)

here is nothing like sitting outside in the spring or fall, relaxing and enjoying a cool breeze! With Cool Breezeby Chris M. Bernotas students will be adding their own "coolness," as they can have the chance play a solo! Students can play the written solo (included on the Educational Pack) or make up their own! The piece offers a fantastic opportunity to help students become familiar with swing-style rhythms and harmonies.

Cool Breeze


Monsters Unite, arranged by Kelly Dugger (Alfred)

a fun beginning band piece that is sure to be a hit, not only at Halloween time but all year round. Monsters all around the world are waking up to a calling to unite. Some are big, hairy creatures, and others are delicate and fairy-like. They walk and fly long distances to find each other. In the end, they all come together, marching as one. Just when you think they've marched off into the distance, they come together to surprise the audience. Unique percussion effects---timpani glissando and theremin (or flexatone)---add to the spooky sound. A tuba solo at the end is followed by a surprising scream that will leave the performers and the audience giggling! (1:35)

Monsters Unite


Dream Field, arranged by Peter Sciaino (Excelcia Music)

Lyrical and full of musical opportunity, Dream Field was written to help strengthen your ensemble’s releases. Great for working legato playing and sensitive dynamics, this work for beginning band is a great introduction to lyrical playing.

Dream Field