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Yamaha Tenor Recorder YRT304BII-Recorder-Yamaha-Engadine Music


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Ensembles often require recorders in several different keys, such as soprano, alto, tenor, bass, and even 'Great' bass. The Yamaha Tenor Recorder YRT304BII is pitched in C, although an octave below its descant counterpart, it has special keys at the base of the instrument to help you to hit the lowest C, C#, D, and D# notes.

The 300 Series boasts top-notch recorders with a vast selection—from bass to sopranino. These instruments offer a full, resonant sound plus the added perk of being made from durable and easy-to-maintain ABS resin. Their broad range of tones and playability make them an excellent competitor to more expensive wooden models. Plus, they come in various styles with simulated wood finishes

Control Interface
Key Key systems Baroque system

Body ABS Resin

Key C

Included Accessories Case cotton case
Others thumb rest, fingering chart, recorder cream, cleaning rod

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