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Yamaha Flute YFL212 - Student model


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The Yamaha Flute YFL212 - Student model boasts the same quality design and construction as the 300 and 400 series models, constructed of strong nickel silver in a glorious silver-plate finish. These flutes offer unmatched response and accuracy of pitch.

The Yamaha Flute YFL212 - Student model features are;

Key Type

Covered (or Plateau) keys are easy to use. The pad cup is covered so it will seal the tone hole any time the key is closed. This is common with beginners or others who may not always press the centre of the key.

Key System

Many players find the Offset G configuration easier to play. Often teachers recommend that beginners start on these flutes.

Split E Mechanism

This key helps give more stability and better centered intonation to the high E.

CY Headjoint

Featuring a double flare taper and a unique embouchure hole undercut design for excellent response and a warm rich tone, the CY headjoint helps beginners quickly learn to produce a beautiful sound. More advanced players will appreciate its even, quick response in all registers.


All key shapes and placement have been ergonomically designed for a comfortable, natural-feeling performance. The keys are hand-assembled and adjusted for perfect balance and 'touch.'

Pointed Key Arms

A#, F# and other non-fingered keys feature pointed key arms. This beautiful key design is inspired by traditional European style.

Adjustment Screws

Yamaha's unique screw resistance inserts allow smooth adjustments while preventing gradual loosing of the screws. For easier access, the screw positioning has been changed.


C footjoint has flexible, warmer tone

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