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Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module-Drum Module-Yamaha-Engadine Music


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The Yamaha EAD10 Electronic Acoustic Drum Module offers instant conversion of an acoustic drum set into a potent digital/electronic hybrid with sampled sounds and pro-level digital effects. It permits users to perform and capture acoustic drums along with preferred tracks from music libraries or with files from colleagues, then export them digitally.

With the free iOS app you can shoot, edit and upload videos of your drum performances.

The EAD10 enhances every aspect of your drumming – the way you practice, record and perform live and makes your acoustic drums do more.

Key Features

  • Easy Set Up - Just attach the EAD10 sensor to your bass drum and you've created a complete hybrid system with a kick trigger and a stereo microphone.
  • Sound and Expandability - The EAD10 has 50 preset and 200 user Scenes that customise your drum sound and allow you to connect triggers and drum pads to augment your setup.
  • Practice - Pick a song from your music library and the app’s tempo detection lets you add a click, change the tempo and select sections to repeat. It’s drum practice made perfect.
  • Music Videos Made Easy - You can shoot, mix, edit, and upload your original music videos directly from the free iOS app.

Mechanism of the EAD10
EAD10 can capture the sounds of an entire drum kit and monitor them at a high quality just by attaching the sensor unit to the bass drum. By simply turning the knob on the main unit, you can control various effects and change the drum sound as you wish.


Connect with smart device/App
EAD10 can be played with your favourite music on smart devices via AUX cable or USB cable connections. In addition, by using the Android/iOS App “Rec'n'Share," you can practice by adding a metronome to your favorite music, record audio, record video, edit, and upload to SNS, etc.


EAD10 with Live scene
If a speaker is connected to the EAD10 output terminal, it can be used as a simple PA system. You won't have to spend time mic-ing drums during live performance. Also, if you have a USB memory, you can record your own drum performance for up to 90 minutes.


Add Trigger & Pad
EAD10 can connect to a maximum of 6 triggers and pads including the bass drum trigger of the sensor unit. Percussion sounds, electronic sounds, and loops, among other things, can be incorporated to expand the range of expression.


Talkback function
EAD10 features a talkback function. A player's voice can be captured by the microphone sensor of the unit sensor by operating the buttons on the main unit, or by using the pedal. This function can be used in various circumstances, including video creation and web lessons.


Use EAD10 with a mesh drum kit
Combining EAD10 with a low-volume drum kit using mesh heads and low-volume cymbals leads to the birth of an entirely new drum kit. Playing PCM sound with triggers attached to each drum and capturing raw sounds, including those of cymbals from the microphone sensor of the sensor unit, allows the raw sound of the drums themselves to be kept at a low volume while realistic drum sounds are output through the headphones and speakers. Settings that resemble that of a real drum kit lend themselves to the production of a performance that feels more real than ever before.

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