Wenger Musician Chair

by Wenger
Our Price: $720.00
SKU W0920000

The padded and upholstered musician chair for perfect posture

Extra padding and upholstery keeps musicians comfortable during long sessions. High-quality fabrics deliver an enhanced appearance that will last.

The Wenger Advantage

  • The Icon of the Industry – The original music posture chair from the leader in music chair design.
  • Promotes Good Posture – Patented posture design mimics standing posture in a seated position.
  • Enables Better Musicianship – Better alignment leads to improvement in technique.
  • Protects Valuable Instruments – Smooth flowing form of one-piece back and rear leg design means no obtrusive tube ends to scratch or dent expensive instruments.
  • Options for Every Program and Environment – Variety of colors, heights and finishes as well as a complete line of accessories available.


Professional or higher-education environments that require extended practice and performance sessions

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