Turn and Burn, Paul Baker Stage Band Grade 4

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Commissioned by the band director son of a Top Gun Flight School Instructor in memory of his father, this high powered swing chart starts with a vertical take-off and settles into a hard swinging tune. The saxes play the tune while the brass answer and support. The trombone section takes the spotlight on the bridge with a challenging soli passage. Tenor and alto saxes each have solo space and then stage a musical dogfight . An 8 bar drum solo sets up the Gene Krupa style "Sing Sing Sing" section. A brief sax soli follows before the full ensemble shouts its way to the finish. A brief quote from Kenny Loggins' "Danger Zone" (Top Gun Theme) is heard just before the final chord. Trumpet range is to written High D. Trombone range is to High Bb.

Sample Score

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