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The Merry Clockmaker, Luigi di Ghisallo Concert Band Chart Grade 1-Concert Band Chart-Rundel-Engadine Music



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Our clockmaker always says: “He who controls time, possesses eternity.” This is true, but not realistic at all. Time machines are frequently featured in science fiction movies that make it possible to recognize the future or to look back into history. This is really wonderful, as you may correct mistakes that were made or you always know exactly what future will bring about. Unfortunately these machines only exist in man’s imagination. In spite of that each clockmaker is occupied with repairing “time” throughout his life. He may put it forward or back again; he may make it run faster or slower. Such ideas and the tick-tock of many clocks make him happy. THE MERRY CLOCKMAKER is a solo piece for glockenspiel. No other instrument would be more suitable to represent the “merry clockmaker” with greater wit or humor. Some Big Ben quotations are cleverly interwoven in the music and the rhythm of the cha cha brings the right time to the “clockmaker”. Have fun with this piece.

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