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Sound Innovations Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band - Tuba


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Composed by Peter Boonshaft and Chris Bernotas. 

Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band is a complete curriculum for beginning band students to help them grow as ensemble musicians. The series complements any band method and supplements any performance music. It contains 167 exercises, including more than 100 chorales by some of today's most renowned young band composers. Various exercises at the grade 1/2, 1, and 1 1/2 levels are grouped by key, including: 

-Long Tones
-Passing the Tonic
-Pitch Matching
-Scale Builders
-Interval Builders
-Expanding Intervals
-Chord Builders
-Moving Chord Tones
-Diatonic Harmony
-Rhythmic Subdivision
-5-Note Scales
-Scale Canons (5-, 6-, or 8-Note Scales)
-Scale Chorales (5-, 6-, and 8-Note Scales) 

Whether your students are progressing through exercises to better their technical facility, or improving their musicianship with beautiful chorales, we are confident your performers will be excited, motivated, and inspired by using Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development for Young Concert Band.

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