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Rico Clarinet Reeds Box of 25


SKU: RCA2515

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1.5 (Beginner)22.533.5

Since Rico joined the D’Addario family in 2004, we have worked tirelessly as a team to provide you with superior reeds and accessories that help you realize your highest musical and artistic visions—right at home here in the United States. D’Addario has infused millions of dollars of new technology and quality control into our company, and every aspect of Rico’s reed-making process has been redeveloped and drastically improved. We are proud to say that our quality control extends beyond the manufacturing floors. We grow 100 percent of our own cane, which enables us to monitor and control our raw material, from growth to harvest. Healthy cane and state-of-the-art machinery have allowed us to create the most consistently manufactured single-reed to date.

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