Remember the ANZACs, Tim Ferrier Concert Band Chart Grade 0.5

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This piece is written with only the easiest 4-6 notes for each instrument so they are perfect for bands in their first year.

This piece begins as a march with melodic material made up from fragments of the 'Last Post'. In the middle is the hymn 'Abide With Me' (which can also be played by itself). The march section returns finishing with the last moment of what most know as 'Reveille'. Most instruments use only 5 or 6 notes, some instruments also have an accidental. This piece is great for ANZAC Day and Remembrance Day performances - (like Memorial Day in the USA) - or just for teaching your players to blow long phrases. Selected as a test piece for the Yamaha Band Festival 2012 where it was performed by more than 30 bands. It was also the test piece for novice bands in the North Shore Primary Schools Band Festival 2016.

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