Prelude G minor Op. 23 No. 5

SKU HN1212

As indestructible as RachmaninoffÎês c-sharp-minor Pr’©lude (HN 1211) may be, it is not his only Pr’©lude to have begun a Ζsolo careerΔ of its own: with its rousing rhythms and rhapsodic middle section, the famous piece in g minor certainly takes its place among them. Pianists who aren't yet ready to tackle the complete cycle of 24 Pr’©ludes (available as HN 1200) can still enjoy Rachmaninoff Ζat his bestΔ with this work. In conjunction with MoscowÎês Glinka Archives, we were able to consult the autograph sources for our Urtext edition of the Pr’©ludes, which means that this single edition thus also benefits from the UrtextÎês excellent editorial and graphic quality. As with all of our Rachmaninoff editions, the fingerings were once again provided by Marc-Andr’© Hamelin.

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