Preludes, Book 2

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In 1913, three years after publication of the PrÌ©ludes I, another collection of twelve PrÌ©ludes appeared. The pieces are longer and make use of a very wide register, which is why Debussy mainly notated them on three staves. As with the first volume of PrÌ©ludes the programmatic additions only appeared at the end of each piece. The cycle closes with the virtuosic and brilliant Feux dåÕartifice, fireworks of pianistic bravura in thetrue sense of the word. The piano writing and title of no. 11, Les ti̬r ces alternÌ©es, already hints at the twelve Ìätudes of 1915 (HN 390) with which Debussy was to end his piano åÏuvre. Edited by Ernst-GÌ_nter Heinemann with fingerings by Hans-Martin Theopold and a preface by Fran̤ois Lesure.

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