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Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming-Reference-Hal Leonard-Engadine Music


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By Jim Aikin. 

If you make any type of electronic music – dance mixes, hip-hop, jazz fusion, country pop, film soundtracks, or experimental avant-garde – Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming is the book for you. All too often, owner's manuals tell you what button to press, but fail to explain what's actually going on in the instrument or what it meansmusically and technically. This is the only book that gives you the big picture while at the same time providing you with insightful details.
Even if you're just grabbing presets to play on the keyboard, you'll get to the music faster thanks to the tips in this book. And when youstart editing the presets or designing your own sounds, Power Tools for Synthesizer Programming becomes an essential resource. Chapters on oscillators, filters, envelope generators, LFOs, effects, and digitalaudio reveal how to get the most out of your instruments.

To sup plement the text, dozens of new illustrations have been added, and more than 30 streaming online videos, narrated by the author, walk you through the operational details of numerous software instruments. If you've ever wanted to spend quality time with a synthesizer expert, you'll never have a better opportunity!

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