Popular Voiceworks - 28 Songs in Jazz, Gospel, R&B, Soul and Show Styles

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By Charles Beale and Steve Milloy.

Popular Voiceworks is a fabulous collection of songs in a wide range of popular styles, in the highly practical Voiceworks format. Ranging from simple unison melodies to four-part 'showstoppers', the songs include arrangements of well known favourites as well as exciting new pieces. With practical teaching and rehearsal notes, and two CDs containing performances and backings, Popular Voiceworks provides all you need to sing with authenticity in popular styles - and have fun doing so. 

  •  28 fabulous songs from unison to four-part harmony.
  •  Ideal for a wide range of choral groups, including youth choirs, school groups KS3 upwards, community choirs, and show choirs.
  •  Vast range of repertoire including rock, pop and dance music, jazz, gospel, soul, and theatre styles.
  •  Advice on using the voice well and warming up.
  •  Complete rehearsal or lesson plan for each song, including simple rehearsal and teaching strategies and advice on using the voice safely and effectively in a range of popular styles.
  •  Opportunities for improvisation, with guidance each step of the way.
  •  Stylistic and accessible Piano accompaniments.
  •  Photocopiable pages.
  •  Two CDs containing performances of all the songs and backings for most.

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