Paiste Cymbal Pack PST3 14/18/20 Inch

by Paiste
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The Paiste Cymbal Pack includes a set of 14” hi-hats, 16" and 18”crash, and 20” ride.


Paiste Hi-Hats

Offer a medium bright, clean and full tone with an even and balanced feel.


Paiste Crash Cymbal

Full, focussed and cutting. Offer an even and responsive feel with an explosive attack.


Paiste Ride Cymbal

Warm, clear and full. Sizzling ping over a full wash.


The Paiste PST3 cymbal pack offers great sound quality with pro-level looks. Paiste utilises their 70 years of experience to produce quality cymbals made with hi-tech production techniques but with the spirit and essence of hand-manufacturing.

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