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Neotech Brass Wrap for Trumpet



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Neotech Brass Wrap for Trumpet – Black

The Neotech Brass Wrap™ is perfect for those in marching bands or performers playing long gigs. Made of neoprene, it fits snugly on the instrument, providing a firm and comfortable grip while protecting against moisture and oils.

With its non-slip backing and easy-to-use fasteners, the Brass Wrap™ can be quickly and easily removed for instrument cleaning. Unlike smelly leather wraps, the Brass Wrap™ is washable with mild detergent and can be laid flat to dry. Enjoy playing without worrying about grip fatigue, as the ultra-comfortable pad offers a secure grip and reduces hand strain. Whether it's hot or cold, the Brass Wrap™ insulates your hand and keeps it dry, ensuring a consistent grip. With this unique wrap, your instrument's tone remains pure, and your grip remains happy. Give your instrument the ultimate wrap!

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