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Music Let's Do It! Text Bruce Rixon, Brad Merrick-Textbooks-Sciencepress-Engadine Music


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By Bruce Rixon, Brad Merrick 

Music: Let's Do It! is a complete, self-contained exploration of various music styles for junior secondary students. Suitable year 7-8.

3x CD available separately 

A comprehensive music textbook that allows lower secondary students to have fun as they actively explore various music styles while also being aligned with recent curriculum changes.

• Chapter 1 – What is Music?
• Chapter 2 – Duration
• Chapter 3 – Pitch
• Chapter 4 – Tone Colour and Performing Media
• Chapter 5 – Dynamics, Tempo and Expressive Techniques
• Chapter 6 – Structure
• Chapter 7 – Texture
• Chapter 8 – Australian Music: Early Australian Settlement
• Chapter 9 – Australian Music: Traditional Music of Aborigines
• Chapter 10 – The Musical
• Chapter 11 – Media Music: Film Music, Music and Advertising
• Chapter 12 – Rock Music

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