Manhasset Storage Cart for Symphony Stands

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Manhasset Storage Cart

The Short Stand Cart is designed to hold 12 to 13 music stands. Since it has an overall length of less than 5 feet, it can easily fit in most elevators. It also takes much less storage space than most other music stand storage carts. Its dimensions of 58 inches long by 43 inches high by 22 inches wide allows it to maneuver easily on all floor surfaces.  Not intended for outdoor use.

Holds up to 25 concert music stands, this unit is built to allow easy racking and removal of music stands and provides convenient storage. Its dimensions of 92 inches long by 43 inches high by 22 inches wide and along with its pivot center axle allows it to maneuver easily on all floor surfaces.

These are welded steel construction, durable powder coated finish, high-density polyethylene rail liners and wheels, they will provide service for years to come. It comes packaged with all the nuts and bolts necessary to easily assemble in minutes.

Manhasset Symphony Stand (Black standard)

Perfect for orchestras, school bands, and individual musicians that demand high quality and durability. This is our most popular music stand. The Manhasset Symphony Stand is used by more schools than all other music stands combined. Our Symphony Stand desk is 20" wide x 12 1/2" high with a 2 1/4" lip. The height of this music stand varies infinitely from 26" to 48" (lip to floor), with a maximum overall height of 60 1/2 inches.

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