The Last Five Years

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Jason Robert Brown, the creator of Parade and Songs for a New World, haswritten a distinctive new Off-Broadway musical. The Last Five Years tel ls the story of a failed marriage of 20-somethings: he a successful novelist, she a struggling actress. Her story is told in reverse, his conventionally moving forward. They meet in the middle at the point of their wedding. Brown's strong writing has found a solid following among musicaltheatre fans. Our songbook features piano/vocal arrangements of 12 song s: Goodbye Until Tomorrow Îà I Can Do Better Than That Îà If I Didn't Believe in You Îà Moving Too Fast Îà The Next Ten Minutes Îà Nobody Needs to Know Îà A Part of That Îà The Schmuel Song Îà Shiksa Goddess Îà Still Hurting Îà A Summer in Ohio Îà When You Come Home to Me. Short, bittersweet and nearly perfect, Brown has come up with a winning combination of music and book. - Variety

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