La Vida Mexicana, Luigi di Ghisallo Stage Band Grade 1

by Rundel
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Before Christopher Columbus came to America, the Mexican natives, Aztecs and Mayas, had a rich culture full of wonder, as shown in the mysterious and slightly melancholic music. Another special feature was the architecture of the great temples. “La Vida Mexicana” (Mexican life) by Luigi di Ghisallo begins in such an impressive temple (El Templo) deep in the jungle. In front of the entrance musicians play their flutes and from inside we hear celebratory harmonies that sound like secret rituals. We reach a village (El Pueblo). Here we meet the flautists again, who play a dance tune, alternating between binary and triple beats, and happy and wistful sounds. The people are then called together for a ceremony at Lake Texcoco (Indian Call). Someone strikes up a beautiful song, introduced by solo trumpet. Everybody joins in and this piece about Mexican life before European contact concludes with a festive finale (El Dorado).

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