The II-V-I Progression

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The Hal Leonard Jazz Play-Along Series is the ultimate tool for all jazzmusicians. In this special instructional edition, the II-V-I progressio n is covered in detail – from chords and scales to major and minorprogressions to melodic and harmonic patterns and variations. And in tr ue Jazz Play-Along fashion, there are plenty of play-along tracks based on this ubiquitous progression, so you can immediately apply the concepts you learn in a musical context. For study, the play-along examples include a split track with melody cues, professional rhythm tracks, removable bass part and removable piano part. For performance, the play-along examples have an additional full-stereo accompaniment track (without melody). With this package you'll be introduced to the II-V-I progression, chords and scales, outlining chords over II-V-I, playing scales over II-V-I, simple patterns for II-V-I, condensed progression and other time signatures, improvisation, practice tunes, and more!

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